Feel confident in your parenting; connect in deeper ways to your family.

When you start a new job you get on the job training; when you start driving you get behind the wheel schooling; when you become a parent… you are mainly told to figure it out on your own.

This page is here to help.

There is a blog tab which walks you through our personal fostering journey and the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way (due to the hundreds of hour of reading, watching, attending we have done and the multiple ages of kiddos we have had in our home).

There is a Parent Coach tab where you can learn all about what Parent Coaching is and how parent coaching can help take your parenting to the next level.

There is a Parent Resource tab where you will find links to the books, videos, and other resources that have been instrumental in helping ours and many other families navigate the murky waters that is parenting in today’s world.

So welcome, I am very glad you have come to my page and I look forward to being able to help in whatever way is best for you. Please feel free to comment on any of the information you see- comments are what fuels us to be better.