When you start a new job, you are trained. When you start driving, you get behind-the-wheel schooling. Why isn’t it the same for parents? When you become the parent of a fostered or adopted child. you are mainly left to figure it out on your own. Let’s change that, together. 

My name is Sarah Salisott, and I have been there. 

My wife, Alex, and I have fostered four children, and have since adopted our daughter. They have made our lives complete — and brought with them a new set of challenges.

We have laughed, cried, and experienced every emotion in between, as we have watched the girls grow into young women. Along the way, we have seen firsthand the behavioral, social, and physiological issues that can come with parenting a child that has experienced trauma, from dealing with the uncertain nature of birth parent relationships to struggles with friends and school. We’ve wanted help, and often it wasn’t there. 

Like most other parents, we never received the “how-to guide” for raising children that have experienced trauma. So I set out to be that resource for parents.

Enter, The Foster Lane. Since 2016, I have helped more than a dozen parents (biological, foster, adoptive, kinship) on their parenting journeys, while also sharpening my skills with hundreds of hours of training, reading, watching and living. I want to do the same for you.

Learn more about me, The Foster Lane and how I can help on this site. See my approach, hear what others have to say, and check out my blog. I’ve also included some of my favorite resources that have been instrumental in helping my family and many others navigate the murky waters that is parenting in today’s world.

Let’s become better parents, together.

— Sarah


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