Placement of Little M and Little V

12. We are not a treatment foster home

28 bruises. It took 28 bruises on Sarah’s legs within 7 days to admit that we were not the family for these boys. This was the easiest and hardest decision we have ever had to make.

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Placement of Little M and Little V

11. We are MOMS!

Sarah here, Hello everyone! We can officially say we are moms. Wow, that is crazy! It has been about 5 and a half months we have been on this journey and the day has come! We got the call at about 1:30pm on Tuesday 5/10. There are two boys that need a loving home. Are we open. We talked about the situation that brought them into care (well, what the told us at least) as well as what they knew about the kiddos. We decided to say yes. They were dropped off by 3:30pm!

Meet our new family. Little M and Little V. Little M is four and a half and little V is 18 months.

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Taking placement

10. Getting Showered

Alex here! First of all, I would like to wish the mothers, moms, mamas, and mums out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Sarah and I were hoping to go by Mama S & Mama A by Mother’s Day but we are still patiently waiting for that phone to ring. We were celebrated as soon-to-be-moms this weekend though. Sarah’s sister, Heather, was kind enough to host a baby shower for us. It was a wonderful afternoon and our family and friends certainly did a good job of getting us set up for the placement call. We had registered at Target and Amazon. Not knowing the gender or age of the child we registered for a range of items but a lot of the basics and essentials.  In the invitation Heather noted that gift cards were more than welcome and that Sarah and I wanted books. We were hoping people would share their favorites with us and perhaps introduce us to some new foster related books.

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Taking placement

9. What happens when kiddos come into care?

Hello, Sarah Here. So far we have gotten two false alarm calls for placement. Both were for two children ages one and three. After we told people that we have had a few false alarms, the questions started pouring in asking about the process. How do kids come into care? What is the process of getting kiddos to foster parents? What do foster parents get to know? Who is all involved? This post is here to answer some of those questions.

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