32. Blessed Holidays

Happy Holidays! Mama S here. Between you and I, I’m thrilled that we made it though the holidays. As I previously said, I struggle with the holidays and this year was no different. What I must call out is that we are blessed to have the most wonderful families and they made the holiday weekend a delight. It ended up being great weekend and no one was more delighted than P.

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31. Holiday Stress and a New Diagnosis

Hello everyone! Mama S here. Where to start? Well… Man… the holidays are rough! When you are getting licensed people talk about how much being a foster family can pull out the stress you have in your lives. Were they ever right! I have always struggled with the holidays. As a child of divorce, the holidays were always spent shuffling from family to family and it was always so stressful. I would pray and pray that there would be a year that I didn’t cry leading up to the holidays. As an adult, that didn’t go away. I just found ways to cope with the stress and “survive the holidays”. Cue being a foster parent at the holidays…

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