In 2014 my wife and I decided to open our home to foster children. We went through the licensing process and welcomed our first placement. Things did not go well. We were new to the system and were unaware of all the resources that were available to us. Our workers were extremely overwhelmed with all their cases and things went from bad to worse. We found ourselves putting in notice on our first placement. Fast forward four years later and we are successfully parenting pre-teen and teenage girls with (almost ease).

I have spent over 350 hours reading books on trauma, children’s brain development, parenting strategies, and foster and adoption;

spent over 300 hours watching videos and listening to podcasts on those same topics;

spent over 300 hours attending conferences on trauma, foster care, and parenting.

I am currently in process of participating in a year long program to become a Certified Parent Coach (R).

I do all this to, not only parent our children, but to help others parent their children in mindful ways.

Welcome to our journey. I have a blog which chronicles our experience in being foster parents and takes you through what we have done that has helped us achieve a sense of balance in our home,¬† a Parent Coaching tab which discussed what parent coaching is (and isn’t) as well as my journey as it relates to parent coaching, and a Parent Resource tab which includes links to the books and videos I have found to be most helpful.

Please feel free to utilize the Contact tab to reach out with any questions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to get to know you as you embark on, continue, your parenting journey!