43. Saying Yes

Mama S here. The third post in this series about how we respond to P. Saying YES as often as we can. I was chatting with a friend the other day and we were talking about how we feel when we hear the word no. How we feel when we hear that we can’t do what we want. As an adult, how does it feel when you have the best idea ever and you pitch it to your boss and they say no. How does it feel when you tell your partner that you want to do something with them on Friday night and they look at you and say No? Doesn’t feel good does it? It stinks even if you can reason out why they are saying no. Your boss may go on to explain that it isn’t in the budget. Your partner may say they already had plans. Still stinks to hear no!

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43. Vlogging

Mama S here. I have been getting great feedback from people on our blog. We have hit over 40 posts in the last 2 years and we have no signs of stopping. People love to give ideas and encouragement on the blog and our fostering journey. I have had a few people tell me that they think the blog is great, but they would rather listen to our story than read it. That got us thinking. Then we got busy. It was just last week that a dear friend prompted me again to thinking about vlogging and I decided there is no time like the present!

Cue to today and our premier vlog post. I am going to go live on our 2 Moms in the Foster Lane Facebook page and introduce our family, what we have been doing these past 2 years and, over the next few vlog posts, catch the watchers up to the present. After I have a few vides under our belt and we are caught up to the present day I will start to write the blog post and do a vlog video. This way we are capturing the largest audience we can.

Please feel free to jump on the FB live videos and type in some comments and thoughts. I’d love to hear from everyone!

Until next time,

Mama S

42. Why we avoid maybe

Mama S here. To continue on from my previous post about boundaries we are going to jump in on our war against the word maybe. If Mama A and I say that we maybe will do something once every couple of weeks, I would be shocked. What do we take such a hard stance? Security!

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41. Boundaries

Mama S here. I figure it is best to start with the biggest topic that people have opinions on with Mama A’s and my parenting. Boundaries. People look into our lives and don’t understand why our “no’s” are so firm and why we almost never say maybe. They don’t see how many times we re-frame what would have been a No to a yes. We are going to explore that today.

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40. Learning how to shower as a pre-teen

Mama S here. I’ve written this post so many different ways. In my head and on paper and it just don’t seem to come out right. I will try my best and please ask any questions you have. Our little came to us not knowing many of the skills that you might expect an older toddler to have. One example is how to bathe. For the first few weeks she lived with us we just let her do what she was going to do and took notes of the outcome. Then we tried prompts before she went into the bathroom. Then we moved to sitting outside the bathroom door and gave verbal prompts of what to do. Then we washed her hair in the sink to show her how to do it and what it should feel like. Nothing was making a difference.

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39. Are we an adoptive resource?

Mama S here. Recently we were officially asked if we are an adoptive resource. This wasn’t shocking to us or even a surprise at all. The circumstances around our little lady were heading to adoption and we knew that it was a matter of time before we were asked that question. We figured we would have more time to think about it and decide. We should have known the official ask would happen the day it did.

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38. Keeping Friends is Hard to Do

Mama S here. Today I’m going to chat about the struggle of keeping friends. Our little lady is a champ at making friends. Honestly, she can make friends with just about anyone. Keeping them on the other hand, that is a huge struggle.

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37. Foster Parent Champions

Mama S here. Mama A and I are foster parent champions. Some may know the term, others possibly not. What that means is, we are always talking to people about becoming foster parents. We share our story with limited details, we talk about the positives and some of the struggles, we write a blog to bring people along in our journey, we do all sorts of research on foster parenting strategies and share that with peers, and we invite people into our home to talk about what it all means and how they can get involved.

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36. Reserving Judgment

Mama S here. Recently I had the most beautifully hard conversation with our little’s biological parent. We were talking about all the hard things that were happening in their live and what they were going to do to try and get back on track. The seriousness and  importance of that conversation was not lost on me. We made it to the point where they view Mama A and I as a support. Someone to talk with when they need a sympathetic ear.

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35. IEP

Mama S here. So, the day after court we had a meeting at P’s school. An IEP meeting. One of the most daunting meetings I have ever had. There are so many memes about how hard and frustrating IEP meetings are. We are blessed beyond measure. Our IEP meeting went very smoothly.

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34. Our First Court Date

Mama S here- I can’t believe it. Time is flying and I can’t seem to catch up. I’ve been meaning to write a few posts over the past few weeks but I haven’t been able to find the time. I now fully understand people that say things like “I don’t have time to send that email/text/call”. Yikes! Well, anyway, it has been a few weeks since court and I thought I would share an update. Court is scary. Intimidating. Nerve wracking. Exceptionally fast paced.

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33. Why we are with our current agency

Mama S here. Hey everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of chatting with people about our agency and the reason we decided to switch. For the purpose of this blog, I won’t name what agency we are with and what agency we left. Feel free to message me and I’d be more than happy to chat in greater details. The purpose of this message is to talk about finding the right fit for YOU.

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