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31. Holiday Stress and a New Diagnosis

Hello everyone! Mama S here. Where to start? Well… Man… the holidays are rough! When you are getting licensed people talk about how much being a foster family can pull out the stress you have in your lives. Were they ever right! I have always struggled with the holidays. As a child of divorce, the holidays were always spent shuffling from family to family … Read More 31. Holiday Stress and a New Diagnosis

30. Co-parenting

Hello! Mama S here. I figured blog post number 30 had to be a big one. A topic that people ask about a LOT. What better of a topic than co-parenting. The actual act of parenting these kiddos with their biological parents.

29. Constantly Learning

Hello! Mama S here. Today I wanted to talk about something that most people forget when they think of the kiddos in our home. We haven’t had them for any of the years leading up to them joining our home. That seems so obvious, but that simple statement leads to a deep discussion. One that Mama A and I have at least once a … Read More 29. Constantly Learning

23. A Busy Summer

Mama A here! Can you believe that it is already mid- July? Where has the summer gone? We know it has been awhile since we have shared an updated and we apologize! Let me catch you up real quick.

22. Finding the Right Fit

Mama S here. Mama A recently decided to open our home to teenagers and within a few days we got a call! There was a little girl that lives a ways away from where we do that is being moved from her home. Our worker was out of the office on vacation so another person called us with the referral. We asked a series … Read More 22. Finding the Right Fit

20. Here we are again. Ready to begin

Mama S here. It has been 3 months since we decided to go with the new agency. We are very close to being licensed and taking an infant into our home. It has been a long journey. First, we had to work with the new agency and getting almost ALL the paperwork again. Our previous agency was not gracious in letting us go and … Read More 20. Here we are again. Ready to begin

18. Being Thankful

Alex here. Sometimes people surprise you with their kindness. Over the past few weeks, I have been blown away with the kindness of close friends and even a few people I have never met.

17. Saying Goodbye

Dear V, Know that you were fought for. The first home you came into when you left your parent’s home loved you dearly. We enlisted the help of advocates, reached out to supervisor’s supervisors, we sent so many emails, and in the end it wasn’t enough. You were made to leave our home. When you left, you took the biggest pieces of our hearts … Read More 17. Saying Goodbye

15. When you are told you can’t have it all

Tonight, a lady sat on our couch, looked me in the eyes, and told me that if I chose to surrender my dog to her rescue that they would find him a good home. Wait what!? How did we get here?

14. Why does he keep hitting himself?

“Why are you hitting yourself?” I’ve found myself asking this question out loud and following it up with an empathetic look and a “It’s OK if you are having big feelings. Big hugs to help you feel better.”  We have had the privilege/ sadness to see first hand what childhood trauma does to developing brains. It changes these kiddos in big ways that are … Read More 14. Why does he keep hitting himself?

13. And then there was one.

We said goodbye to little M this week. It was the easiest and hardest thing I have ever had to do. The timeline was rushed after he attacked me. He has never come at me before. He wanted to hurt me. Badly.