Sarah has helped me to look at every situation from different angles. She’s taught me patience and understanding. She’s taught me that we can have a peaceful house by creating a safe and stable environment.

I am proud of my approach to foster and adoptive parent coaching, one shaped by my own experience and hundreds of hours of learning and training, and (soon) certification by the Parent Coach Institute.

What Coaching Is

A parent coach’s job is to motivate and guide you toward being the parent you want to be. Parent coaching is customized support to help you identify what matters most to you as a parent and then make needed adjustments in your parenting. We typically meet once a week in person to discuss your parenting. My approach is built on:

  • Collaboration. Your expertise as a parent is an essential part of the success of the coaching partnership. No one knows your kids the way you know your kids, and that knowledge is key to effectively addressing the challenges you face.
  • Future-focused and action-oriented. You need to know where you’re going if you want to make sure you actually get there. Do you want to stop yelling at your kids? Help your child become more confident? Feel less overwhelmed by the demands of a hectic schedule? We’ll set goals to solve problems like these.
  • Strength-based. Coaching helps you identify your unique strengths, skills and resources. What we focus on grows; approaching challenges from a foundation of strength allows you to use your skills effectively while maintaining the positive outlook that allows for growth.
  • Customized. There is no “one size fits all” in parenting. You are unique, your family is unique, and each situation will be assessed independently. Coaching typically runs 10 to 12 sessions, but will be customized to your particular situation and preferences.

If you are interested in signing up to be a client – please email me at and I would love to learn more about you and your family while determining if parent coaching makes sense as the next steps for you.

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